Dye run?

Sunny • 23 y/o, pregnant with my first little boy.
Dye runs make the test invalid correct? So would this be considered an invalid test? I had a very strange period *TMI* (I bled in the am the first day enough for a half a tampon then no more blood that night, some more bleeding the next day enough to fill half a tampon, and then just some reddish pink streaking when I wiped on day 3, and brown streaks day 4 but normally I have a full period for 4-5days) and a slew of symptoms like headaches, cramping (but not the usual kind, I normally get a lower back ache with my period but this time it came from the front between my hips), sore breasts, on and off constipation, and heartburn (which I've literally never had in my life before lol I had to google the symptoms to find out what it actually wasl) so I figured I take a test and sadly this was my result. I've never had a dye run before in my life and I've take a lot of hpt in the past year and a half. Idk if I should bother taking another one, I'm probably just stressed or anxious. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks for reading such a long post.