38 weeks appt


So this week, 5 people from my area had their babies. I live in a town with 2,000 people at most, and somehow we all got preggo at the same time. Don't drink the water, right? Haha.

Anyways, if you couldn't guess , I'm feeling super left out this week with all these babies being born! However, I'm doing my best to be patient. I'm a first time mom and the doctor told me today I'm dilated almost to a 2 and 60% effaced. I realize I could be at this stage for a while, but it was at least some positive news! Minus all the swelling I've had these last few weeks, I've had a great pregnancy with no major issues. If I wanted, I could be induced next week at 39 weeks, but I'm going to put my full 40 in before I give this little girl her eviction notice. ;)

Honestly just hoping she comes on her own and is happy and healthy! Wish us luck!