Birth nothing like I planned & that's okay

I'm a first time mom so obviously everything was a new experience, including the way my birth went. To start off, I was already a few days late, my baby was due on the 6th and she was born on the 10th. I went in on the 9th because in the morning I had lost my mucus plus completely with some bleeding. Well I went in hoping they wouldn't send me home and thank god they didn't because what I didn't know is that my water had broke probably days or weeks ago and my baby was at risk of infection. So right away they put me in the labor room and started to induce me. At first the contractions weren't something I couldn't handle and I was glad because my whole 9 months I wanted to have a drug free birth. That changed 8 hours into the labor, mind you I had a 21 hour labor😣 I didn't feel bad about my decision to have the epidural because at the end of the day I wasn't trying to be a hero and I didn't have to prove anything to anyone. Anyways, I had 4 nurses (shift change) and the one that helped me through the delivery was the worst. To begin, I would beg her to have water to drink and she would say no, but she game me ice chips because logic. When it came time to push my body told me it was time and I told her it felt like the baby's head was coming down but she just made me sit up which made the pain worse because it felt like I was sitting on the baby's head. Btw the epidural only worked on one side of my body so yes I felt that pain. I was 19 hours into my labor and I was 9 cm induced but she wouldn't let me push, so I told my husband to go get the doctor because I was ready. He got the doctor and she was mad that we did that but I really didn't care I was just ready to have this baby. They made me push until the head was visible and they moved me to the delivery room. I shit you not everyone in the hospital was there nurses, students, doctors ugh! One hour 30 mins later she was born & i got to hold her for a bit before they took her to the NICU because she was born with high blood pressure. They kept her in the ICU for 3 days & now she's almost 2 months. Crazy experience, unforgettable, and definitely worth it. I am so proud of myself and all of you should be too❤️ don't ever doubt yourself, if you have to get the epidural or anything else, do it. In the end it's not about the story you tell it's about the experience and the fact that you still were able to push a whole other life into this world with your body and strong will! 😜❤️👧🏻