Over controlling mother

I'm 19 going on 20, still live with my parents. My mother insists I live with them until I finish school and so I can stay on their healthcare and whatnot. For years my parents didn't want me to have a job because they wanted me to focus on school, I was only allowed to babysit, which I still do. So I have barely any money saved (about $1,000). They pay my phone bill and car insurance and for my textbooks for school. I'd honestly much rather do all these things myself, so I've applied for a job which I have an interview for next week. I desperately want to move out for several reasons. First is that my mom is getting crazier all the time, even my dad agrees it's getting out of hand. She is constantly yelling and in a terrible mood, she thinks everyone who doesn't do things the way she would do them is a moron and will talk badly about them to anyone who will listen. Second, she makes it impossible to keep the house clean because she refuses to get rid of stuff and just lets it pile up. This stresses me out so so so much. I can't have friends over 95% of the time because of it unless I spend 2 days busting my butt to clean. And she doesn't let me go anywhere outside of our town without an "adult" which actually means a parent that she knows. Even if my dad is okay with something, she'll come up with every reason she possibly can for why I can't go (some don't even make any sense) and throw a fit. The only place I ever go besides school is my boyfriend's house 5 minutes away, but I have to be home at 11:00 or sometimes earlier when she randomly decides she wants me home. Basically I get treated like a 15 year old. How am I supposed to "grow up" if I'm only allowed to sit around the house and never go do anything for myself? It's the biggest stressor in my life and I can feel her rubbing off on me, I get a short temper and am hypercritical just like her and I hate it, it's really taking a toll on me. I want to get away and be happy, but no she thinks she's being such a great parent.. she wouldn't let me get birth control because she thinks it would be like condoning me (an adult in a long-term relationship) having sex. So I had to go behind her back to do it. How stupid is that?! Especially when she works in public health, she should know better.
Sorry this is so long, I guess I just wanted to vent after a pretty major argument with her tonight. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. And hopefully I get the job so I can move out asap.