transitioning from couple to parents

Hi all, I was wondering how some of you handled the transition from being a couple to becoming parents. How did it affect your relationship? Did you grow closer together? Further apart? 
My husband and I got together 10 years ago in college when I was only 19 and he was 21, so we practically grew up together. We're both totally in love with our 6 week old baby girl, but I'm having a tough time with this transition, although my husband seems fine with it and had taken it in stride. I feel guilty feeling this way bc I know I'm supposed to be thrilled--and I am! But I do miss the old us. When I told my husband I feel this way he's made an extra effort to go out on dates and be more affectionate. I feel so terrible complaining bc he's really been wonderful. I really have no complaints about him. I think it's me--I need to work harder to adjust. But our every day is so different now. Our evenings revolve around bottles and diapers and trying to put her to sleep. One person eats dinner alone while the other watches the baby and then we switch shifts. We're both exhausted all the time. Any advice on how you managed to still be a loving couple while being new parents? Thanks so much everyone!