My ob/gyn won't help me at all!!! Please I need advice.


I'm 34 trying for #1. I've been trying for 8 months. Been on and off bc for 16yrs. The past 8 months I've only had 2 periods. I told my gp yesturday that I wasn't ovulating or getting a period, she took blood and scheduled a ultra sound but she said I should wait another 6 months to see if my period regulates then tells me to stop trying so hard and it'll happen. To which I said how if I don't ovulate that's a ridiculous thing to say. So anyways I left crying.

Ive ordered on line pregnetude and preformin to help regulate and ovulate. Anyone have experience with these. I asked my doc about provera to start my period and Clomid and she said Clomid is bad for people.