bye bye to my husband pt 3

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Hey guys,
This post won't be anonymous because I'm done being so ashamed of being in an abusive relationship and marriage for so long. Sorry I haven't been letting you guys i but I'm here to let you guys know I've been amazing and to share some really great news! If you guys remember I left December 22.  Since I left I've just been living life. Hanging out with friends and family that he cut me off of. Anyways enough of that on to the good news. Since I got in this relationship I had one natural period. For the whole two years. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to have kids because of this. I've done tests trying to see what was wrong with my reproductive system. All tests came back good but I was still concerned because I wasn't getting my period. I ended up getting on bcp and everything was good until I got off because I still wasn't having a period naturally. But guess what ladies... I went to the bathroom today and BOOM I WAS HAVING A NATURAL PERIOD! It was so unexpected because I hadn't had one in so long but at that moment I realized it was never a problem my body had it was the stress he was bringing me FROM THE START. I couldn't be more excited right now to be stress free and finally feeling like a normal woman having a period. He would always put me down because I was never having a period and I had a miscarriage so I was always less of a woman in his eyes. "All these women having kids and you can't even keep one. You should feel ashamed of yourself." "You are 20 and everyone our age is having babies you should just kill yourself knowing you can't do what other women can do." That's all I would hear and I thought it was so true. I just can't wait to prove him wrong now.