Happy Nervous Scared

My husband and I just found out we are expecting on 2/21. Glow tells me we are five weeks one day today. I had previously found out I was pregnant on 11/30/16, and lost the baby to miscarriage on 12/19. It was very traumatic. I experienced labor at home to pass the tissue and it was all so unexpected and heartbreaking. Now that we are pregnant again, I am trying to be excited, but I am so scared. I'm nervous every time I use the restroom because I fear seeing blood. I'm not feeling overly tired, no morning sickness, but breast tenderness like crazy and I get a little nauseous when I eat. I have two other children, 11&8, and I just cannot remember how I felt at five weeks. I know it's so early. I'm just so scared I'm not having as many symptoms as I should, and I'll miscarry again. :( :(