Sooooo 🤔

Today my soon-to-be ex was ignoring my calls and when he finally (accidentally) picks up I hear another girls voice on the other line, I guess he put us on 3 way, and I hear this girl say to him "Okay, well I love you and I really need to see you" and I can't even say anything, I'm in shock. And I guess by then he realizes im listening to their call and so she says "where'd you go?" Then he hangs up. He calls me back and pretends nothing happened saying some bullcrap about his phone messing up and I said I heard everything and he's playing confused right now. So at the moment I'm waiting for him to get back home. What would you ladies do once he enters the door?
UPDATE: He's still trying to tell me I'm crazy and showing me his call log saying no girl called him (as if you can't erase it 🙄) I already sliced his clothes and shoes up. I'm so through you guys I'm pregnant and shouldn't be going through this!