Advice to those about to give birth...

Alexsa - 💍‘16– 👨‍👩‍👧 ‘17– 🤰’19 ❤️
- Try to use the bathroom before leaving for the hospital! Once you get the epidural, your options are peeing and pooping on a bedpan while laying on the bed or having a catheter inserted. 
- Bring an eye mask and ear plugs. So many people in and out of the room makes it almost impossible to sleep after you are in the room waiting to push. 
- Ask for replenishments on everything to take home; the pads, the underwear, the diapers... everything. They are amazing. 
- Ask for the ice packs for your cooter. It's CRAZY how sore you are and they are a lifesaver. 
- Stay hydrated in addition to the IV fluids. Water bottle should be your best friend.
- Be prepared to throw all modesty out of the window! I'm not a shy person and I was still shocked afterwards at how many people have now seen my body and how little I cared once my baby arrived.