Baby Boy Arrived and my crazy *Long* birth story

Traci • Momma to Irie, Tavian, Rowen & #4 Due June 3, 2018

I gave birth to my baby boy #2 Rowen James on Feb 20th at 1019 pm. Was due the 26th. Super long story follows...

I had a doc appt that afternoon at 2 pm, and had a membrane sweep. Later that evening, around 630, while making dinner I started cramping a little, but I certainly didn't think I would be giving birth in a few hours. I sat down and ate, cleaned up, gave my toddler a bath, business as usual. About 8ish, I started having some contractions, but nothing to track, and not intense. My husband had a gut feeling this was the real deal, and called his parents to have them watch our 2 year old for the night. By the end of his phone call, 830ish.. I was having major intense contractions. I went from not concerned at all, to we need to get to the hospital - which was 30 min away.

We drop my son off at his parents, and I'm dying of pain on the way to the hospital. It seemed like it took the L&D nurse 10 min to come get me. The only room available is the triage room.. but I didn't care. She checked me, I was 6 cm. She said she had to get the IV and do my labs before I could get any pain medication. This is about 930 when she gets my IV in.

My contractions are killing me, I'm asking how much longer before I can have any pain meds. She says she has to check me again, then can give me something thru my IV, but it would be at least 30 min before the results of blood work for an epidural.

**note, I did not have an epidural with my first, and thought I wanted to do this birth without anything, but the pain was much greater, and I couldn't take it**

So she checked me, and I was 8 cm.. so that meant no pain meds, no epidural, and I just started crying. Saying please, is there Anything at all? Of course, when you are that far along, it isn't safe for baby to have anything, it was just so scary to think of doing this without any pain relief.

5 min goes by, and I have to push!! They say I need to wait until I'm 10 cm.. and i just say I have to push, now, I have to push, my whole body is telling me to push... they run to get the doc.

They come running back in, the doc looks like he just woke up.. has barely enough time to get his gear on. I'm pushing.. and in 3 pushes, baby boy is born.

The nurse did have me sign the consent for the doc to deliver my baby right before I started pushing, but there wasn't time for any other paperwork.

Now.. my water broke during the last push and SPRAYED out like a water hose!!! Not once, but twice!!! I will never forget the image of the doc dodging this water as it sprayed out, and laughing as it happened a 2nd time. It was a scene that could be in a movie!!

Also want to be real with my story.. I also pooped! And I felt it. I said out loud the 1st time (happened with each push) "I feel like I diarrhead everywhere..." the nurse just had a bottle of something that she poured down to flush it away... I cared, but didnt, and glad no one acknowledged it... after everything, I asked my husband about it.. and he just said, man, when I saw that, I thought for a second they would expect me to clean it up, and glad I didn't have to. So I laughed about it. I wish it didn't happen but it did, and oh well. Life goes on.

So had we waited 10 more minutes to leave the house, I would've had the baby in the hospital lobby.. glad it didn't go down like that. Glad to have my baby boy here, and glad I don't have heartburn anymore!!!!!!!!

Best luck to all you ladies waiting for your birth story, and congrats to all yo ladies that have been there, done that!