Awkward first period story

Isabelle • Isabelle💃🏻
So I got my period when I was in 7th grade, I was 12 years old and I had been expecting it for a while because all of my other friends had theirs and U thought I was going to get mine a year ago. Eventually I just gave up hope. (I say hope because I was dumb and I wanted my period for some reason) One night I had gotten no sleep because all night I had horrible Back pains an cramps, I would get in one position and my back would feel ok but my stomach felt like someone had torn out my guts and I would shoft and my stomach would be ok but my back felt like someone had come up behind me and started hitting  my back with a baseball bat. You can probably relate. The next day I had school and the pain continued but not as much at school so I told my friends they all told me I was getting my period but being me I doubted them and told them that I deffenitly wasn't. All day I had the pains. Later in the day I was walking down the hall and the guy I had been crushing on for years taped me on my shoulder and said "Isabelle, you have a period stain I can get you a pad if you need one my sister is on hers too." As you can imagine I was completely mortified, but I accepted and walked with him to his sisters locker and got a pad. I quickly ran to the bathroom and I saw the stain if was huge like all over my pants. (Of course they were white) After my classes I went and told my friends and they gloated all week. But it ended up good because a few days later the cute guy gave me a pad with "will you be my girl friend" written on it and I ended up marrying him.
Anyone else want to share their embarrassing period stories?