to the girl I tutored

To the girl I tutored a few years back,
It would be totally not appropriate for me to contact you. But I wanted to just say that as much as I tutored and mentored you, you taught me so much more. Working with you and the other students (but I worked the most hours with you) at that school changed my life and I'll never be the same after hearing all your stories and walking alongside you in your education for a while.  I'm working on projects in my classes now that work to help bring awareness and aid to students like you and the other students I tutored and mentored about how the home life affects kids' education so much. As a result, I think of the many times I sat at the end of the hallway with you alternating helping you with your class work and talking about life. Listening to yours and sharing things about mine. You're in high school now, and as tough as middle school was for you, high school can be worse when you want to be different as you so often did. I do hope that you're doing well, that you've found stability in your family, that your little niece/nephew is growing healthy and strong, that you've found an outlet other than cutting, and that you're actively pursuing your purpose in this life. You DO have purpose here and your story is worth sharing. You can change things about this world by using your experiences to help others who have been in your situations. As I always did that back then, I enourage you once again to look for the good in this life and cling to it!
Anyway, just what I wish I could tell you and I totally would if I ever saw you again. 
-that college girl