Am I being "controlling" and "crazy"??!!

Okay I'm currently 9 weeks and 5 days pregnant. About 2 weeks ago I had bad cramping and bright red bleeding and went to the ER and was told I have a subchorionic hemorrhage. I currently have a 14 month old that doesn't stay still and crawls everywhere he shouldn't so you have to constantly go grab him. Well to the main point, I'm not suppose to be lifting my son because he's so heavy and I'm on pelvic rest and was told to rest as much as possible after my job because if I over due it, I can miscarry and my doctor at the ER made that very clear (scary ). So my SO wanted to go out last night drinking with his buddy that is a terrible influence (speeds away from cops drunk, drunk driving, drugs, ect) and I told him no that's not a good idea because I need him home with our son to help me and I worked at 8 a.m. the next morning so if he went out he would be too drunk to help the rest of the night and then be hung over all day the next day when he's suppose to be watching our son while I'm at work. Last weekend I tried to be nice and let him do it because we set ground rules that he wouldn't get too drunk and be home by midnight latest so I could still rest for work and have help with our son. Well he showed up at 3 a.m. puking his guts out all night long and could barely move because his friend "talked him into drinking way too much". The next day he was still puking every time he opened his eyes and was sicker than a dog. T He got lucky because our son was sick so he slept all day that day when he was puking his guts out. The night before, I was up all night long with our son because he was sick and by the time my SO finally got home, he was too drunk to help me. So I did not feel comfortable him going out last night because of all that. I have another appointment Tuesday morning to see if the hemorrhage has dissolved yet and I told him he can go out no problem next weekend if I get the clear from doctors and he threw the BIGGEST fit saying I'm ruining his life and I'm controlling and crazy. What do you ladies think?? I think it's reasonable since we could lose our baby if I don't follow the doctors rules and getting drunk ISN'T more important than our baby. It's the next morning and hes still being an asshole about the situation and I'm sure he's gonna fight for it tonight again when I get off work. I told him he was being selfish and he flipped saying he's the most non selfish guy ever and I'm lucky he didn't ditch me when I got pregnant with our first son like most guys do and he stayed. He is constantly saying rude and hurtful things if he doesn't get his way and I don't know how much more I can take. I tell him how he's acting and hes delusional and doesn't see it. Doesn't understand why it's NOT okay to purposely upset me (he admitted it to me when he was mad and I asked him why in the world he would say something to me he didn't mean) and he said because I knew it would piss you off. Like WTF DO I DO AT THIS POINT. I have stayed thru him cheating years ago, punching holes in the wall (hasn't done that anymore in almost a year), talking bad about me to other girls, ect. I'm just tired of waiting for him to be the man I know he can be. But yet I'm the crazy and controlling one?? When I haven't gone out in 3 years?? Not even being dramatic it's been 3 years ladies.