My CoWorkers

My coworkers don't do anything but sit on there ass. I work at a hotel. It doesn't get a lot of customers. There are 3 employees including me and 2 others and then my manger. My manger is 60 yrs old and she is bat shit crazy. The other two employees are mother and daughter. Everyone is suppose to clean rooms and do laundry. Well since I have started this job (started in October) nobody does anything. I clean rooms vacuum hallway and mop the entry way do all the laundry. I am so fed up with this place. I had Friday off which is a surprise because I never get a weekend day off. Thursday I did the laundry and left a load of towels in the dryer because I got off before they were done. Guess what is still sitting in the dryer. The towels.. None of them cleaned any rooms or did any laundry. They just sit on there ass on the computer all day. It makes me so mad. I feel like I'm being used I am the only one that works 14 hour shifts. I am the only one that works weekends and I am the only one that does anything. Like this place is so nasty. They lied to me about having bed bugs. I found out when I came in to get my check and they were heat treating the rooms. I have talked to my boss about this but she uses excuses for them. Like nova has four kids so that means she has a hard life. Excuse me!! She's the one that opened up her legs to have them. I started looking for other jobs I had a phone interview yesterday I hope I get so I can get the fuck out of here. This place is a dead end. So I came to the conclusion that I am not doing shit today and sitting on my ass. Sorry for the long post I just had to rant.