false positive😔😪😳UPDATE:Explanation Please read

I'm around 20DPO so if I was pregnant the clear blue should've been able to detect it, not to mention the first response. And I know for sure when I ovulated because I took and OPK but I'm 8 days late today 
Okay so I might have gotten a false positive because I wasn't following the directions. But I still have a feeling that there's a chance. So the directions on the strip say I need to dip them in urine. Well that day u got a positive I was so tired of testing I just peed directly on the stick and I guess maybe some urine got in the test window. BUT.... Right after this one I got another strip and followed the directions on that one , it was a clear negative.....then I got a another strip and peed directly on it again and it came out negative!! I waited until the next morning. Got a cup, two strip tests and one clear blue digital. I peed a little on the first strip, collected the rest of the urine in the cup. The stick I peed on was again showing two lines, the stick I dipped into urine was negative. I peed on these sticks before and they came out negative so I'm not sure what to think!