Is it wrong to dress up if your going out with friends without your other half?

I'm asking this question as last night I went out with 4 of my friends for one of thier birthdays. We all have partners (bar from one). We all dressed up, nothing slutty or inappropriate, but we always dress up when we go out due to us not really going out as we are mothers. 
The friend dressed in a knee length dress with heels. The only thing I would say is that her breasts where on show but she has amazing rack so why not embrace them?!
Anyway she had a massive argument with her other half as he didn't want her to go out in a dress, he wanted to change her into Jeans and a turtle neck (no lie). Then as she refused said that she's dressed like that for attention and to get guys to hit on her, but she can only dress sexy when he's with her (which she does anyway). 
Me personally I think that it shouldn't matter what your other half dresses like, there should be trust and you should know they wouldn't do anything silly, and also if they want to dress up and look nice, what's the problem? I would understand if she was in a crop top and shorts or something but a knee length dress?! Sometimes as a mother you don't get a chance to dress up and feel good and you want a night off. It made her upset all night and not enjoy herself as much 😔

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