Newbie birth control


Hello my beautiful ladies! for the past four months I've had some abnormal clotting and heavy periods and painful cramps, went to the gyno and was prescribed Junel 1/20 (21 pack). I started last Sunday (February 19th) the day I started my period. well for the first few days my period was incredibly light! I was so happy, also no cramps! well, yesterday suddenly my period came heavy, and today my cramping is so bad! its been almost a week now (with the pill and period) and I was just wondering if my beautiful ladies out there can give me a better insight on this! is this normal? will it go away? it was like a total false alarm when I saw 3 days super light period (the gods have heard my cries) and then BETRAYAL! here's a heavy and painful period for you.

thank you ❤