what to do ?

I snuck someone my baby father in my house and now that I'm tryna sneak him out he's threaten to hit me and just walk out the house with my family in the house and now I regret letting him in the house, he's mad because I was texting someone and I didn't know who it was so I was still texting the dude  tryna figure out who he is was, and now the baby father is now mad and  I was asking him why he was mad and he gets in my face and say he'll hit me and he pushes me more than once and I'm pregnant with his baby so I'm sitting here tryna figure out how to get him out my house, he doesn't get the fact that he cheated on me so much and now that he wants a family and seem like he changed i was just gonna give him another chance to be a family .... but now he doesn't want nothing to do with the baby and blaming me for everything that's happening... 
I told him if he hits me I'll call the police but he just laughs and basically said he dares me to... I really wanna tell my mama but I don't want her getting into this. 
So I'm sitting her tryna figure out how to get him out, I really know I shouldn't have did this but I wanted to give him another chance of being a family and just talk things out and see how things go... because I didn't want to be a single mother. 
Edit: thanks for the people who did reply but after he said some hurtful things he decided to leave on his own and just not be in the baby life.