did I ovulate?

Caroline • mama to Haley, born April 5, 2018 & Emily, born April 22, 2020 🎀
Hi! This is my first month off the pill and It's been a while that i charted, so I have a question about my cycle:
On Saturday morning (4am) on CD24 I detected my LH surge on both a cheap and clearblue digital ovulation sticks. I knew the surge was probably imminent cause my CM got watery and abundant on Friday (felt wet in my panties all day). Then on Saturday and Sunday I had eggwhite CM, my cervix was way high and soft, and I had dull achy pains in my left side/ovary area all weekend. Plus my libido was WAY up lol. So I figured that I'd be ovulating on either CD 24 or 25. Glow was calculating CD25 aka yesterday. 
However, my BBT has not gone up yet. When I took it this morning it went down from yesterday actually. My temp taking hasn't really been ideal though because my sleeping has been erratic so I'm not sure how that's affecting it? 
This morning my CW was still a bit stretchy but mostly creamy, and my cervix has lowered. Still feeling a bit of a small dull ache in my left ovary. Is there a chance I ovulated at all or that maybe I ovulated this morning so that the thermal shift won't be until tomorrow morning? Or is it more likely that this will be an anovulatory cycle? :(
I attached a photo of my chart. Thank you for your help and insights in advance! :)