Bow down to the first Eve Queen of the Month 👑


Once a month we’ll be choosing a spectacular <a href="">Eve</a> queen to feature for her amazing <a href="">Eve</a> recruitment, activism for women’s causes, and all around bad-assery!

So without further ado, meet our very first <a href="">Eve</a> Queen of the Month, Tara Costello!!

Tara is originally from London (!!!) and is a feminist writer and menstrual activist on her awesome blog, She even once wrote a blog post about Eve!

We love Tara’s honest, outspoken and unabashedly feminist voice and really respect the work she does on her blog.

Get to know Tara a little more below!

What do you like to do for fun?I'm super into planning! There's such a community feel to it; I love spending hours decorating my planner and supporting independent sticker shops. I also watch an insane amount of television, make video content and enjoy going to new places too.

What is the song you can’t get enough of rn?'I Can Only Stare' - Sleigh Bells

If you could go anywhere on vacation RIGHT NOW where would you go?A private island somewhere and just completely shut off from the world.

What do you love about <a href="">Eve</a>?I just love how period positive it is! A lot of mainstream menstrual products still use language that stems from stigma. For example, adverts still use water when showing how their products work. <a href="">Eve</a> makes tracking your cycle fun and a lot less overwhelming, language really makes all the world of difference.

Want to get more of Tara? Comment below and she’ll answer your Qs!!