I'm tired of not knowing!!!! 😩

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Okay ladies for a little under a year I've been on birth control, I was on the pill once before all of this but I stopped taking it because I didn't need it. Anyways, about April of last year I started the Depo Provera shot, it worked great except for the entire time I was on it I bled. 24/7.... My doctor said it was probably just because my body wasn't working properly with the birth control, which is completely normal. She then decided to switch me to the pill, I don't remember the brand or dosage but it was the basic, beginner pill any woman would get. I was on this for about 4 months until I went into the doctor again because of the same problems I had with the shot. She then just upped the dosage of my birth control thinking the stronger it was the better it'd fight off the irregular bleeding. The first month it worked out great!! No spotting or anything, until I got to the sugar pill week, my period started towards the end of that week and didn't stop after that. I kept taking the pills normally but the period kept coming. It's now been a week since I stopped taking any birth control and I'm still bleeding, even when I took a shower today and cleaned out my vagina its was all clumpy blood?? I don't know what's going on but I feel like my doctor is completely disregarding any possible problems I could be having down there and idk what to do? Thanks everyone in advance for sitting through this drawn out post 😓