Bfing and pregnancy


So I've been feeling really crappy lately. My stomach always hurts and I've had diarrhea the past couple days here and there. I'm very tired and moody. I'm not as hungry... I am still breastfeeding but baby gets 2 bottles a day for his naps. He also has baby food 1 or 2 times a day depending.

So I Google symptoms of pregnancy while breastfeeding..

And for those wondering, no my period hasn't returned yet...son will be 8 months in a couple days.

I checked my cervix and it is low and very soft..almost feels really padded n squishy in there (more than usual)

I've been having more discharge lately and it's creamy and white.

I don't 100 think I'm pregnant but just curious what other moms experienced that became pregnant w. Bfing and no return of period

Thank you ladies