So disappointed in my boyfriend πŸ˜” *not clickbait*

So my boyfriend and I are expecting our first child in August. He doesn't usually go out and get crazy with his friends but when he does he usually goes too far in my opinion. I haven't had the energy to go out and stay out too often because I'm almost 18 weeks pregnant so when he said he was going to celebrate his work closing for the season and going out with his guy friends and getting "fucked up" I expressed disdain but normally that means drinking, smoking and listening to music and I'm not gonna stop him from blowing off some steam and seeing his friends occasionally. Today, of course of all days he's with his friends I need my car which he has and I cant find it. I realize I haven't heard from him in over 6 hours so I call and he doesn't answer so I Β send him a text, finally find the car and head home. Another hour passes and I don't hear anything from him so I call again getting worried, until he texts me saying he took really strong acid and that's why he hasn't been answering. I've expressed to him very clearly how much I dislike him doing anything like that and he knew he was going to and deliberately didn't tell me because he probably didn't want to hear it. But I don't want the father of my child doing hardcore drugs and choosing to ignore his responsibilities for some "fun" especially when if god forbid something worse happened I can't get ahold of him because he's incapacitated at one of the most important times in our lives. I don't know how to approach this, any constructive criticism/advice is appreciated. Thank you πŸ˜”