Crazy hormones or do I have a point?

Okay so I'm an only child and the is the first grandchild on both my husbands side and mine. My mom has spoiled this little bean in my belly like you can't imagine. Clothes... Stroller... Really anything he'd ever need. His parents on the other hand... A onesie and the crib I searched for at a reduced price so it was far from crazy $. I don't know if it's the hormones or what... But I'm frustrated that my in-laws haven't really done anything for this little guy or myself during this pregnancy. My husband says that it's normal for my mom to spoil me and the baby cause I'm an only child and a girl and that he feels his family would do the same for his sister but it's different somehow for me. Should I bring this up to my husband in greater detail? My mom has gotten us so much I don't even know what I could ask them for but the point is they haven't even considered it... I know this wouldn't be the case for his sister... What would you do?