are vaginal bruises a thing???

So two nights ago my boyfriend and I were getting into it and he is going down on me but instead of taking my panties off he just pushes them to one side. When he lays me down and we are about to seal the deal I reach down there and notice some REALLY concerning swelling on my labia. I made him stop so I could go check it out and the left side was HUGELY swollen and discolored. Naturally I freaked out thinking I had an STI so we called it quits for the night and decided to check it out in the morning. Granted I was pretty drunk, I didn't notice any pain or irritation until I had gone and messed with it, but it was still pretty minor. Now with it being two days later the swelling has almost completely subsided but it is still a purple-ish bruise color right on the inside wall of my labia. It only hurts after I use the bathroom and go to wipe. Should I be concerned?? I'm almost positive it's just a bruise but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this before and might could help me 😖