Here we go again......any sleeping tips?

My sons sleeping isn't bad but it could be better. He is 5 & a half months so I want to try and stop night feeds before they become habit. I believe by his age he shouldn't need fed during the night. 
He goes to bed around 19.00-19.30 (we can't keep him up later he's ready for his bed) and he gets a bottle then taking anything from 2-6oz. 
I then do a dream feed around 22.00 (normally takes 6oz) if I don't do this feed he starts to stir so he must still need it. 
After the dream feeds sometimes he lasts until 5am-6am and takes a 6oz bottle and then goes back to sleep until 7-8am.
But the last couple of nights he's woke around 3-4am for a feed and then sleeps until 9am. He is obviously needing the extra sleep. 
Last night when he woke at 3.30am I left him babbling away to himself and gave him the dummy a couple of times until at 4.25 he started getting upset so ended up feeding him. So he won't go back to sleep until fed. How can I make him go just another couple of hours. I wouldn't mind him wakening at 5.30 for a feed but not 3.30. 
Any advice please?