Has anyone ever experienced a late ovulation followed by a 2 day AF and end up w a BFP
​I don't know if my ovulation time frame w glow is correct or not. When I found out I was pregnant w my 1st child, I experienced a shorter period the month prior and was 6 weeks along the next month when I missed my period for the first time and had pregnancy symptoms (really bad sickness) we weren't actively trying to charting and keeping track so all I know from that pregnancy is that I had a 2-3 day period, then the next month missed and was already 6 weeks along. 
​This month I've experienced similar. The day before AF arrived I had weird spotting that turned into AF and she only lasted about 2-3 days. Is this even possible or could they have had my gestational period incorrect with my first child? (The gestational period im going by is from my first ultrasound to validate the pregnancy.)