Feeling Sad

I'm 26 and didn't ovulate this month. I have endometriosis. I don't want another surgery it didn't even alleviate my symptoms but for a few months as cost thousands and thousands of dollars. My doctor said it's time to see a fertility doctor but insurance doesn't cover it. I know the financial aspect of it will really stress my husband out. My 16 year old brother in law just had a baby and doesn't want anything to do with it. Everyone around me is on their 2nd, 3rd even 4th kid. Many of them weren't even trying and some don't even have custody of their first few kids. My husband and I are financially stable and would raise a child with values and good character. I feel hopeless at this point and I literally haven't been able to stop crying for days. Not to mention the pain of my endo has broken me down mentally at this point. I'm a teacher and my job requires me to be here mentally but I'm just not today... I'm literally holding back tears all day. I have always been open to adoption. Working with kids for a living I would open my home tomorrow for foster kids, etc and have even discussed it with my husband. I WANT to do that even if I can have kids of my own, but it still doesn't take away the emptiness you feel when you realize you might never be able to carry a child. 
Just needed to get it out.