Am I alone in feeling jealousy and anger ?

My and my partner (soon to be husband) have been trying to conceive for over two years and nothing. We're financially stable, own our own home and will be married in just over 6 weeks. We desperately want a child but it doesnt seem to be happening for us. I have this deep anger/ jealousy deep inside that flares up when i hear that others are getting pregnant at a drop of a hat and seem entirely unprepared living in a council house, no jobs and onto baby number 4 ! All before they turn 22. Or the ones that dont even realise they are pregnant until they are 34 weeks along!

Then theres the ones with children complaining that their life has changed soo much and theyre soo sad as they cant go out clubbing as they have to watch their own child ! Or the stories about drug addixts that have just had baby number 7 who was born addicted to meth or heroin and the mother couldnt give a damn as social services are taking the child so its not her responsibility!

Please tell me that im not the only one to feel this anger. I was never like this before I was never angry or jealous but now I feel like im getting out of control :(