Panic attack help me


So I was giving a presentation and I love to present (so it had nothing really to do with not wanting to speak) and I was finishing a slide and tride moving on and just couldn't I stopped and tried to speak and couldn't open my mouth and couldn't think and couldn't hear anything then I started to breath heavy and just felt my heart race and felt like I was going to die or like my head was going to explode and walked out began to cry and caught my breath but then began to tremble

2 weeks before that I was feeling really down on my self and just felt like crying so I cried and then I couldn't breath and felt like screaming but couldn't and wanted to yell for help but couldn't I felt stuck

Please help me I idk what to do I want it to stop they put me in pain after I mentally feel exhausted and physically just feel drained I dont want to talk to anyone after I usually just sit in silence for the rest of the day