So I had to stop taking my birth control (money issues) and my I had my period on February 10, it wasn't long and it wasn't heavy or anything. And I had sex the week before. (I have a boyfriend) and this whole week I've been feeling really sick. 
Nauseated, Headaches, Backs been sore, Boobs been hurting, Tired, Constipated, Hungry more than usual, Weird cravings (I thought a burger made with out of Doritos would be amazing?), Low grade fever 
And when I went to the doctor today she said that I'm showing symptoms of being pregnant??? So she we ran a pregnancy test and it was negative. She thinks that I'm coming to the end of a stomach virus but if I don't get better by next week and I don't start period she wants me to come back? What do y'all think?