Im confused..


So recently, I found out that this guy likes me . he texted me about it and at the time I was over whelmed. The day after we were supposed to meet, I couldn't make it cuz I was moving house literally overnight. That night I realised that I've always been attracted to him just decided to ignore it for some reason not even I know. I see him in school a lot and I always get a hug or we talk a bit. In my school the yr 9's (my yr) and yr 10, 11's are not allowed to go on each others side so it kinda difficult to see him. Now, I like everything about him apart from one thing, he smokes... I've always been against smoking but really like him . I'm not sure if I should ignore it and go out with him never the less or stop meeting him. Anyone got advise?/ similar story's that might help?

Thanks xx