why am I so weak🙄

When you know someone is no good for you. It didn't work. But you know the person is a great person and all their friends love them because they are such a fun positive person to be around but to you they didn't show much affection or love but would confirm it when together but he rarely did when you weren't together which was often because he made little effort to see you. But when he did you's connected instantly but when he left the spark was gone. But returned when together again. You have disagreements and you always have to be the one to run to him and fix it and one day you have had enough always being the only one running and trying to fix it so you end it. Then you get lonely and make a dick out of yourself by being weak and texting him after so long actually saying the words "why couldn't you have just liked me"🤦🏻‍♀️