Rude Obnoxious Neighbors....😠😠


My boyfriend and I moved to Arkansas about 9 months ago and therefore got a new apartment. Ever since we have moved in, we have been dealing with a completely obnoxious, loud, frat boy living beside us who has no respect for neighbors whatsoever.

Now, I am 20 and I am all for having people over on the weekends and a little noise....that's fine. But he has taken it to another level.

It started with him blaring his music as loud as he could at all hours with his bass system plugged in. We confronted him about it and he brushed us off....twice 😡 We then went to the office and made a complaint. He seemed to have received the memo and it stopped....for about a month.

Now he has decided to throw insanely late, obnoxious parties with him and his friends.

We are not just talking about weekends either, oh no. This is an every night thing...Monday, doesn't matter. We have tried turning up our volume, turning our air conditioner on, etc to try and block them out but we can STILL hear them. They always end up partying until 1 and 2 a.m. and then go on to linger outside by their vehicles screaming and howling. Meanwhile, my boyfriend works 12 hour shifts for a railroad company and has to be up at 3:30a.m. We have now contacted the main office twice and they don't care at all and we are almost certain they haven't said anything to the guy. He is slamming cabinets and drawers, pounding on God knows what, clanking glasses together, slamming doors, screaming, laughing obnoxiously loud, etc. And if that isn't enough, I have walked out of my apartment several times to walk our pups at night and have walked out to them lingering outside of OUR door! Not their friends door, ours.

I am currently sitting here trying to study and watch a hockey game and I can hear them...again 😑.

If that wasn't enough, when we first moved in, we saw all kinds of needles that had fallen out of his trash bags and our house REEKS of weed and dryer sheets whenever he does his laundry. He thinks he is covering up his smell but it actually just seeps into our apartment. Not that I care if he does that in his spare time, but I don't want MY apartment to smell like that!!

What choices do we have at this point to fix this. We shouldn't have to move because we have neighbors not following the rules and being disrespectful. The people in the office refuse to do anything and it's becoming extremely frustrating. Has anyone else had this issue before?