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I need help. Religion wise. relationships

I've been with my boyfriend for over a year. We have gone through so much at such a young age. We've also went through a miscarriage. We both want to be together, I just don't know what to do.

We planned on having everything together.

I am now 17, and he is 19. I planned on moving with him after graduation. 

We recently broke up because I couldn't give him everything he wants. He is Mormon, and wants married in the temple. I can not give him that because I am not. He gets so upset with me and blames me because I won't change my beliefs.. and if I didn't we couldn't get married. I would marry him however? I asked if I asked him if I would have asked him to change religion to marry me (which I do not want, I don't want to change him) he said no and threw a fit. Throughout the relationship he new I wasn't Mormon. I don't think he "used" me but what did he think would happen.

But he said we could stay together for "awhile"

And I said I don't want to wait for you to breakup with me I want it done now I don't want to drag it on.. was I wrong to do that?

I'm just so heartbroken because everything I was sure of is gone, because I don't want to change what I believe. 


(What I said:)

I never planned on changing my beliefs and even now I do not want to. I feel that mine is true. Just how you feel about yours. It has gotten me through so much. Times when I didn't even want to be here anymore.

We have to accept each other.. if you can't marry me because I am Not Mormon it's okay.. I accept that you have boundaries and certain things that you want I respect the things you want. I do.

We need to accept the fact that we have different beliefs.

I know you wouldn't give up on what you believe or convert either. I shouldn't have to.. I know you're trying to help but the way I see it I don't need help with my religious beliefs. I am happy with the way I am in that way.

I believe that when you love someone you love them for what they are, as well as what they are not. 

If that's what is going to make you happy, is to be married in the temple then.. I respect that but what hurts me so much is that you knew.. I know I know your intentions were to help.. I don't need help with my beliefs. I just can't wrap around how much we've been through and now that it's all over because of this.. we went through so so much.. we were going to have a baby even... I guess everything works out the way they are supposed to.. 

I am so heart broken over this whole thing.

You said we don't have to break up "right now"

So I have to wait for you too?

 I would have to wait for it to end when my feelings would only grow stronger for you and I'd want more with you.. I'd want to be married.. 

I would take you how you are now and get married any other way.. but I respect what you want and because I respect what you want

I am losing  the biggest part of me, the only thing I was sure of, I've lost you because I respect what you want and it's okay that you want that I am not mad. Just very sad that it won't be with me.

I am not blaming.


(His response:)

No, I know its true. And I know that one day everyone will know what we do. But you won't believe it till everyone is shown it by God himself. And that's  fine. That's how it is these days. And yes I read it and it hurts. Im sorry you see me like that 


Can I get advice or help on what I should do I have no idea I'm so hurt that we ended it over this??