Bfp to pfn

Sam 👼👧👼👼
Hi guys, not sure where i should be writing this so please help me out.. found out i was pregnant 27th feb 4w4d. Was so excited but had what i thot was a very light af a few days early on 22nd and was gone within 3 days. Aside from this i had constant right pelvic pain so seen my doc and was referred to epu for a internal scan. They said my hcg levels were 2 high for the dating bein over 6000 and said i was having an ectopic pregnancy. Then gave me keyhole surgery to remove the tube aswell and realised it wasnt an ectopic. There was also fluid/blood inside me where it shouldnt be so they thought something had ruptured. Turned out i have endometriosis but still didnt no where the baby was. Day after surgery i started bleeding lots of clots so took hcg again and it was down to 800 in 48hrs so they said i was having a miscarriage. Now a week later im still in so much pain it feels like the worst period cramps iv ever had and pain killers are not helping and still bleeding quite heavily. As this has never happened me b4 i am wondering has anyone else got a similar story or is there anything i can do to help myself. Im so devistated this has happened ☹️