TMI-Laparoscopic Myomectomy Surgery w/Picture

Just underwent surgery yesterday to remove a fibroid that was inside of my uterus, right on my uterine lining where a baby would implant. Surgery wasn't too bad. It was 4 hours long but the anesthesia makes u nauseous and extremely sleepy afterwards. The pain is not that bad but I do feel sore. They prescribed me 35 Norcos and 60 ibuprofens. Yay! I love prescription ibuprofens! So now, hopefully I will have a BFP soon AND my period won't be so painful and heavy. I pray. Any ladies out there thinking about getting it or about to get this surgery soon, u can ask me any questions! Feel free. Oh and here is a picture(not of my uterus) of where my fibroid was exactly. Mines was next to the one with the red aarow, to the left, the bigger one sitting exactly on the lining.