baby will be here soon

Cindy • Wife & Mother of a daughter 💜 and a son 💙
Just got out of my now weekly appointments. I was originally due April 6 but got it changed to March 30. 
I've been have some cramp like contractions and back pain. This is my second and with my first I was induced with pitocin due to low amniotic fluid and had back labor. Similar pain is back on my back and it sucks cause I just thought maybe it was the pitocin. Anyway today I got my cervix checked and am dilated a 3. 😱😱 
I wanted baby to get here but now it's hitting me that he could be here any minute now. I'm having irregular contractions right now and kinda freaking out (in a good way). Im slowly packing up last minute things. 
Yay Baby! 🙏🏼🙌🏼💙