new here! and need someone to talk to

Hi ladies. My name is Maria. I have been married since 03/12/16. We haven't used condom or any birth control methods since then. And I had chemical pregnancy in July.. since then I didn't have period and I got one feb 20th2017. I used opk and ovulated march 7th and i had the Pinchy ovulating feeling and I had ovulation spotting.. we baby danced. Today I am 7dpo and I am confused. I have felt like this is my cycle for while. I've had unusual stuff happen like the mid cycle spotting which I had again yesterday at 6dpo and went away but caused the worst back cramps ever!! I still have the back cramps but no spotting. My boobies hurt so bad and blue veins are visible. I've always been having loss of appetite. Where I'm so hungry once I start eating I feel like I'm forcing food down my throats and I can't eat. I took test today at 7dpo first morning urine and it was negative... I know it's too early. But what I'm experiencing is it's good sign? I have nausea and headaches too they come and go as well as just wanting to nap.. help!?