Unrealistic expectations of me??

My dh is just kicking me while I'm down...my grandfather died last month and I went to the funeral by myself (in another state), and when I got back I got a terrible head cold that just now went away. We have a 6 month old that I take care of, I don't work. I'm also now 9 weeks pregnant. My morning sickness has been so intense in the afternoon through the evening that it affects how much I get done. As a result, I'm not getting as much housework done and I'm not cooking meals every single night. I muddle through getting everything done for my son, and he is well taken care of. 
Last night my husband complained about what I've been unable to do and wants to take an ad out in our community paper for a part-time housekeeper. I'm offended and I don't feel comfortable with a stranger in my home. I am doing the best I can and this is a temporary situation bc I've been sick and I'll be in 2nd trimester soon. I told him his expectations of me are too high. What do you think?