Serious dilemma - working during pregnancy

Alexa ā€¢ Micah Tyler born 08/31/17 šŸ’™
I am currently 17 weeks through a very hard and miserable pregnancy. It's my first one, too. I work at a vet clinic as a receptionist and the pay is terrible and has no benefits but the job is easy and they are at least trying to be flexible with me during this time. I've been there for two years now and I had to take two weeks of FMLA medical leave due to severe morning sickness. I am still struggling with vomiting and exhaustion and the typical normal things that suck about being pregnant. I am at a total loss of what to do in the future - work is making me miserable and I can feel the frustration of my bosses and coworkers everytime I have an issue that I need them to work with me on. My husband recently took a new job where he is making half of what he used to and we are barely getting by on what we make now. We have started a small savings for when the baby is born but it's not much to spit at. I'm due in August and I am very heat intolerant - so I am worried that I won't even make it through July without having to quit. I only have 10 weeks left of my leave to use and I need every day of it because it's my first baby and all I care about is being the best mom I can be. But financially.... ouch. Everyone I know ends up being a stay at home mom because their job isn't worth the cost it takes for daycare and commuting etc and being away from baby. Most of them are either on government assistance or their husband's have good jobs. I really want/need to stay at home, particularly sooner than my maternity leave could even start, because I know I'm going to struggle HARD this summer. I don't know what to do. How do you quit your job knowing damn well it's not an option financially? I pay half of our bills with my measly check. I can do without spending money but bills don't really work like that... I need advice from people who have gone through this. Everything I see is people just quitting because they don't have to work anyway... but I know that's not the case for the majority of women. Helppppp.