need some advice 😭

Emma • Rest in peace to my two angels.❤️ Expecting my rainbow baby. Single mum.😊
So my fiancé and I just had a talk and I had to walk out the room due to my emotions. 
So I am currently late for my period and I have told my partner and the first thing he said was well if you are you're getting an abortion. In my past I've already had two miscarriages and would never have an abortion. My fiancé said that I will f*ck his life up if I was pregnant and that I have no choice but to abort the baby. Now worst thing is I moved states to be with him. I told him I will move back to my state and do it all on my own and end things if he doesn't want this child if I am and he said no that's not an option the only option I have is to abort. I'm now too scared to test because either way it's going to turn out terrible. This should be a happy moment and I'm left to feel like absolute shit. I have no one in this state no friends no family and I'm just lost. Help 😭