So I get bad acne on my behind, and there's a lot of misconception that this is because the individual is unhygienic and nasty, but I'm not! I've gone to the dermatologist and she diagnosed it has to do with the follicles and my clothes just rubbing against each other and creating acne. It's extremely painful and sometimes they get really big and end up needing to pop and they bleed everywhere. There are so many scars on my skin now and its embarraing when it's time to get intimate. I've done all the topical antibiotics ointments, creme, pills, washes, I even used to tan a lot to help the scars and NOTHING HAS WORKED. She finally suggested that I start getting into the routine of just getting rid of the peach fuzz.

So does anyone else have this type of "assne" issue, and what do you do??

Or does anyone know a cheap easy do it yourself way of getting rid of the peach fuzz besides shaving?

And also something for really bad scars??

(I need a lot of help here šŸ˜•)