confused about the Xulane patch? help!

I recently got put on the Xulane patch and on the box it says to put it on the day you start your next period or the Sunday after you end. My last cycle was from Sunday, Feb 25 - Wed,March 5th. I ended up putting it on the day I got it which was the Tuesday before my period ended, so obviously that wasn't the first day of my period. I've been consistent with changing it every Tuesday like I was supposed to, since you're supposed to change it every week on the same day. Each pack comes with 3 patches for 3 weeks and the fourth week you go without one and that's the week you get your period. I know people who have been on the patch for years and they choose to change theirs every week going w/o a period at all, and that's what I intended to do once I started. If I hadn't put the patch on my next estimated period would be around the 30th but I ended up getting a full on period this past Friday even though I've had the patch on and never once forgot to change it. My period usually lasts 6 days so today should be the last day but it hasn't seemed to be any lighter, I took my last one off yesterday because it was Tuesday and I was wondering since this is my first full month starting the patch is this normal? Or is this because I didn't put it on when I was supposed to?  , is my period going to continue on for another week because of this? Do I just have to get regulated to this schedule and my period will go back to normal?