35weeks & "Craving" gasoline & "chewing ice"

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So, I've always been "fond" of the smell of gas (when being pumped, or catching a whif of it in the air at the gas station)

I don't personally like the smell of the actual gas itself. I guess more like the vapor? Idk.

Anyhow..... In these last few weeks I've had a "craving" to smell "gas being pumped!!!!" Then comes a craving to chew ice or even "biting" the Insides of my cheek!!! In our basement, (which is very large) we have one side a laundry area, and thru another door is where our fourwheelers, dirt bikes, etc. Get parked. Yesterday when I was washing the babies clothes, I SOOOO badly wanted to just catch a whif of the gas smell. (You have to go thru another door to get to where the bikes Are parked, but out there, it smells like gas. Or maybe just a garage smell) in that area, it opens up to the outside of the house. I resisted the urge to do so, but it was so strong. I feel guilty even admitting this, like, it's wrong or something.

I've recently heard people talk about low iron and craving the smells of odds things.

(i.e -Rubber, chemicals, dryer sheets, gasoline, exhaust fumes, pinesol, etc) I really thought I was the only one. (Or one of very few)

I don't like it. Mostly bc the craving is so strong, and I know how HORRIBLE it is for you, (not pregnant) so to feel this way BEING pregnant, it makes me feel like sh*t!!!!

I have an appt coming up, and I'll ask about my iron levels being checked. It just seems strange to me that "low iron" in pregnancy, can cause one to want to smell certain things.

Has anyone else craved non food "things??"

Or even gas? How did you handle the cravings? Did you ever give in?