Missed mini pills and unprotected sex

I started on Microlut (mini pill) on the 1st March. I was taking them the same time daily but missed a few here and there. Oops.

Had my period for 3 days from 10th March.

My hubby came home from work and we had unprotected sex on days 23 and 24 of March. I'd missed around 5 pills at this stage.

I'm about 8dpo (as a guess). For the past few days I've been feeling


Lower backache

Dull cramping

Tightness in low belly


CM that smells a little sweet

At 7 dpo I felt a pinching feeling about 2 inches below my belly button and to the right a little.

Lots of kick type feelings, twinges etc in low belly.



I'm due for my period anytime between the 4th (shortest cycle) or the 9th April (longest cycle)

Does it sound like I might be pregnant?