Message of hope

mebx • 37 TTC#1 low AMH, 5 MCs 😇 Pg with twins

I would like to share my story to give you hope in this painful journey.

I am 37 and was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve and had multiple early MCs : 5 in total between 4 to 8 weeks.

To speed up things I have decided to try IUIs (9 in total) and then turned to <a href="">IVF</a>.

I have done two rounds: first I got 2 follies and 1 embryo = BFN.

Second round I got 3 follies and 2 embryos = I am now the happy mum of twin girls 😍😍 (for this pregnancy I was on aspirin and clexane ).

After 3 years of fight, tears and loneliness (I have a very supportive husband but still found this journey to make me feel very lonely) the double miracle happened.

It was worth the fight so don't give up ladies.

Best of luck to you all 🍀🍀🍀