help! is surepredict brand April Fooling me?!

I know this definitely looks positive... I am 10dpo this morning. 
BUT For those that aren't familiar with the brand: it is sold on Amazon, (about 11 dollars for 25 tests) and it claims to pick up 10mIU of HCG (when store bought brands need 20mIU+ of HCG) so being the obsessive hpt tester that I am, of course I wanted to start testing at 7dpo so I bought this real quick!! 
I also tested with a FRER (I always try to use these sparingly because I would rather not spend my life savings to pee on a stick) and got a very clear BFN. Nothing faint about it. Just a no.
So, does the surepredict really do what it claims and I found out I was pregnant before the store bought brands...or did they April Fool me and give me a false postive because you get what you pay for?? Help!!!!