Tmi confused on cm

Pauline • 🌻pcos🌻ttc2🌻20🌻preemie mom🌻

So I've got a high ovulation test (line getting darker but not equal to the control line)

Here's my question: I just went to the bathroom and wiped, I noticed a VERY stretchy Clear watery based discharge and a decent amount at that. Could this mean I am starting to ovulate? It's not like egg whites. And when I felt with my fingers it was very stretchy....

Everything always says sticky and or egg whites... But that's not this and I don't think I've ever had it I've ALWAYS had this type of discharge during my ovulation/ fertility window .. please some one help me!!!

Here's a picture of my ovulation test the very light line was taken yesterday at 11pm

The really bright one was taken today at 12pm!!

Google is of no help and drs seem to always be confused on what I am trying to explain!!!